Coffee Kombucha, Oh yeah

Call me crazy, some already do, but I will admit that I am mildly wildly obsessed with soured coffee. Perhaps right now your cray-dar is warning you to stop reading this madness, or maybe your curiosity wants you to continue on. All I can say is, if you’re still reading, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Welcome to the greatest beverage your taste buds will ever know.



2 quarts (half-gallon) Freshly Brewed Plain Coffee
1/2 cup Sugar
Kombucha Scoby


In a glass jar, dissolve sugar in the hot coffee (make sure there are no grounds left in your coffee). Once it has cooled to room temperature, add your scoby. Cover jar with a piece of breathable fabric or coffee filter and secure with a rubber band. Brew for 5-7 days. I suggest trying it with a plastic spoon or straw after about 3 days, when it tastes slightly sweet and a little tangy, bottle that badboy!


I like to add a splash of real vanilla and second ferment for a couple of days (bottled and on the counter) before I pop the cap and enjoy it bubbly over ice. Store in the fridge or make sure you release the carbonation pressure more than once a day. Remember this?

Oh, and FYI: Fruit flies LOVE kombucha, if you start noticing those pesky buggers try THIS, it really works.

Additional Considerations When Making Kombucha Coffee (from Cultures for Health):

•Coffee is very acidic therefore starter Kombucha tea or vinegar is not required (unlike when Kombucha is made with black, green or herbal teas).
•Because coffee contains oils, it is possible for rancidity to occur. Watch your batch closely and limit fermentation time to only what is necessary to achieve the desired taste. Never consume any Kombucha which looks, tastes or smells unpleasant.
•Coffee will generally stain the Kombucha Culture so you may see brown spots on the Scoby.
•Some people claim Kombucha Coffee brews faster than Kombucha Tea while others claim it is slower. Be sure to taste your batch regularly so you can stop the fermentation process at the point you find the taste agreeable.
•Kombucha Coffee should be served room temperature or cold. Do not heat the Kombucha Coffee as heating will destroy most of the beneficial yeasts and bacteria.
•Some people find that Kombucha Coffee is less acidic to drink than regular coffee.


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