Rose hips: how to harvest and prepare

Rose hips are herbs of necessity around our house. I use them in practically everything, from my second ferments of kombucha, to my special flu and cold syrup (which I will share the recipe to eventually), to a lovely cup of tea in the winter. They are loaded with vitamin C and taste delicious. You can use them fresh or choose to dry them, I prefer to dehydrate because they store longer. But I say try both ways. Go harvest yours today and make a cup of fresh tea while you prepare the rest for winter storage!


The rose hip in the photo is not yet ready for harvest, I just wanted to show you what they look like. They are ready for picking when orange or red in color, August-October.



1. Sort out the imperfect ones, wash (I use THIS to wash everything) and then pat dry.

2. Cut in half and de-seed, the end of a spoon works well to get the seeds out.

3.Place in dehydrator or oven on lowest setting, or, line a cookie sheet with parchment or wax paper, and spread them in a single layer and leave in a dark, ventilated area for a few weeks. They’ll be ready when they are hard, wrinkled and dark-colored.

4. To remove the hairs once they are dried, put them in your food processor for a couple of quick pulses and shake the batch in a sieve. The hairs will fall right out.

5. Store in airtight containers and in a dark, dry area.

6. High five yourself for being so hippified and go brag to all your friends. Then share the awesomeness with them.


Enjoy!! And go HERE for 25 radical ways to use your fresh home-dried goodness.

*Caution: Don’t use rose hips from plants that have been treated with a pesticide that is not labeled for use on edibles.


2 thoughts on “Rose hips: how to harvest and prepare

    • Kelli, if it’s a rose bush you have nothing to worry about 🙂 I’m working on adding all those fun widgets to my blog, it’ll happen soon!

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