How to make dried fruit

For those of you who have never tried making it let me assure you, it’s INSANELY easy! All you need is a sink full of fresh fruit and a deyhydrator. I use this one but if you don’t have one you can also use an oven on the lowest heat setting (but be careful, I tried it once and the result was charred papaya, no bueno). This year we have been incredibly blessed with friends and family who have an abundance of fruits and veggies who are more than happy to let us glean. But what are you supposed to do with 50 lbs of windfall peaches, apples and pears that are two steps from becoming baby food mush? Dry them!!


1. Wash your fruit- I use grapefruit seed extract (info here) but you can use whatever you usually use, 1 cup of vinegar in a sink of water will wash effectively too.

2. Core and slice your fruit into 1/4-1/2 inch slices, the larger the slice the longer they will take to dry. Some people like to toss the fruit with fruit fresh or lime but I prefer au natural.

3. Place in your dehydrator and dry for 10-20 hours

4. Check on the fruit every so often and remove the fully dried ones


I only did apples this time but banana, pear and cantelope are my all time faves. Get wild and try everything!



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